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Diablo Lawnscape featured on the front page of the Clayton Pioneer. The article shown below is also available here on the Clayton Pioneer website.


Spring is rapidly approaching and there are many ways you can prepare your landscape for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons.

When you prune correctly, you properly encourage health and flowering. It is essential to prune during the proper season. This is generally in the Spring or Fall, depending on plant variety.

Fertilizer provides the necessary nutrients for plants to grow, flower and produce fruit. Applying fertilizer during the appropriate season and for the plant type is key.

Pre-emergent is used to prevent germination of weed seeds. Best used in the Spring & Fall.

Mulch is a groundcover that helps to preserve moisture, improve the health of soil, reduce weed growth and add to the visual appeal of an area. It is typically replenished one to two times per year.

Transplanting perennials in the Spring, when it is cool or rainy prior to the plant blooming is the best time of year.

Aerating your lawn helps to control lawn thatch and soil compaction. The Spring is the best time to aerate your lawn. An aeration followed by an over-seeding and fertilization is very beneficial for your lawn and will help to bring it back after all the dry weather we have received.

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Everyone at Diablo Lawnscape wishes you a Happy New Year! Now is the time when everyone starts thinking about what they can improve or change in the new year. Did you make a New Year’s resolution to make better use of your yard during the upcoming year, or do you have a special event you are planning that requires landscape changes? Maybe you just want to make a commitment to conserving water with drought tolerant landscape? Whatever your new year’s resolutions or dreams are, give us a call to find out what we can do for you. Check back her at the News section this year for timely, seasonal news about Landscape design and management, inspiration. We were also inspired by the New Year, and we plan to bring you a live podcast in the upcoming months, where you can tune into Diablo Lawnscape podcast episodes to hear information from experts about trends, technology and common sense landscaping.

If you are interested in converting your yard to a drought resistant landscape and would like to know how to take advantage of rebates being offered, click here to check out our article in the Clayton Pioneer (page 9)!

Happy 2016!

-Jared and Jen Markle
Diablo Lawnscape

Diablo Lawnscape was featured recently in the Clayton Pioneer. The article shown below is also available here on the Clayton Pioneer website.